Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 338

I had a nice evening at SafeHouse today, really laid back, weather was a little warmer than most of this week, and the conversations were all fun!

I met someone new today, another gentleman from New York - he just got here Friday night! He has been staying at the shelter and is hoping to apply for a few jobs this week. We compared the weather here to that in New York; he told me some about his family; a little about the friends he came down here with; and about the friends he's made in the past two days.

I also got to catch up with a few people I had not seen in weeks! We caught up on what books to read, volunteering at the food bank, football games, fantasy football, and old friends from my early days at SafeHouse.

I also caught up with the gentleman who used to be interested in the stock market. We talked about jumping out of planes and all the reasons not to, jobs (he has worked in a mental health setting before as well), and how he plans on having a merry Christmas this year!

On the road starting tomorrow, hoping to make it to SafeHouse for a bit before I head out...

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