Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 339

I am on the road this week which means there will definitely be some virtual volunteering..starting today :)

I visited and went through the click to donate tabs. I took today's daily action - For every person who completes the Fair Farm quiz, a generous donor will give $1 to Food & Water Watch to help protect our food. And I signed a few petitions: to save the Spirit Bear; aid for Pakistan flood victims; to stop sexual harassment in schools; to protect the coral sea; and to bring democracy to Burma.

While picking up my rental car this afternoon I heard of an amazing act of giving: an elderly gentleman was stuck on I75 after his car broke down, another gentleman stopped for him (total strangers), gave him a ride to the car rental place, helped him get a rental, waited with the elderly gentleman till he got his car! There's always an opportunity to give back, we just have to be willing to give :)

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