Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 344

After a late night, followed by an early morning was NOT how I was expecting to roll today!

Chandni had me up at 8am, and Cynthia was running around at the same time trying to get the remainder of the presents to us.

We got over there to a lot full of volunteers and a line of anxious parents and children forming outside of SHO!
Any of the agitation caused by lack of sleep and COFFEE; immediately dissipated as we walked towards SHO's parking lot.

And I think my eyes are a little welled up as I write this, but you could almost taste the excitement and joy in the air... and (ughgh..) I guess I could feel the Christmas Spirit (i know, I know, I'm such a GRINCH).  But seeing this project to fruition with the support of all of our unexpectedly generous friends, family and coworkers was simply AMAZING.

We were ushered in by volunteers, and went straight back to a room full of presents and volunteers to drop off the last of what we had.  We were then placed at the front of the lot to greet, register, and direct the parents and kids on the receiving end of all YOUR kind generosity.

Between the three of us and the Deeter family (also regular volunteers), we were able to knock out much of registration.... well, that is until Chandni saw her little buddy!  She was totally taken away from what she was doing as she saw him approach the table!

At some point I was taken into the main hall to entertain the waiting parents and keep them from getting antsy!  And I think the kids there with just a little direction from me, kept our clients laughing and distracted enough.  We had performances from kids of all ages, and we heard everything from Lil Wayne's "How to Love' to Chris Brown's "This Christmas"!

We ALMOST had a comedian come up, but of course he got real SHY!

All in all it was a BLAST!

AGAIN, we want to THANK everyone for making today POSSIBLE!

We love you all for giving so generously!

Happy Holidays!

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