Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 306

You've hear Chandni and I talk about - a micro-volunteering network that allows us to volunteer online with whatever skills we possess as individuals! Please check it out, when you have a chance!

Today I worked with a Language Arts teacher from Rigler Elementary School in Portland, OR that serves mainly low-income students. Her students are working on writing about what they would like to do when they grow up. And she'd requested that we give her students some positive feedback on their writing.

I posted a few comments on the blog as requested and also went ahead and shared what I was doing through Sparked on my FB wall. Before I'd even finished my blog entry for the day, I'd already piqued Giselle's interest! I'd managed to extend my reach across the state borders and all the way back home to NY with an old acquaintance of mine!

EXCITING! I'm hoping more of my friends will jump on board and be able to encourage these kids!

I'm hoping that more of you will actually have an opportunity to check out some of the projects on and be able to donate some of your time and skills. It's so easy!

I've got my fingers crossed, and I hope I can make back out to SHO tomorrow night.
Let's drink to that... a NICE, BIG, Spoonfull of NYQUIL!

Goodnight Everyone!


  1. Thanks for the link! You caught my eye because I live in the Portland metro area. So I hustled over to sparked and added my comments for a couple of children's work & some cheers to the teacher.

    It is such a small world!


  2. Thanks so much, Eric! Those kids at Rigler Elementary aer going to LOVE IT!