Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 311

It was my first day at the Baylor Clinic. Their mission is to conduct a program of high-quality, high-impact, highly ethical pediatric and family HIV/AIDS care and treatment, health professional training and clinical research. The Clinic is staffed by Botswana and U.S. health professionals, the center of excellence provides primary and specialty medical care and social services for HIV-infected infants, children and their families. BIPAI Botswana maintains an annual mortality rate of <1%, a rate as good as any Western nation, and the majority of its patients are thriving.

This morning I got to spend some time with these patients, kids aged 7-13. While they waited for their appointments I kept them entertained with games of Uno, soccer, tag, and Twister. I was nervous going in because I wasn't sure what to expect. But once there, I got some materials together and walked outside to the play area, and the kids just followed me. Most spoke to me and told me about themselves, I had two little girls who sat by me the entire time but didn't say a word! They were adorable!

One of the boys, 7 years old, was the most energetic! He ran around everywhere, played with everyone, and had so much energy! He was always laughing and smiling and really made some of the other kids more comfortable.

I had a good time and am hoping to be a little more prepared with games and activities for them tomorrow :)


  1. That's so wonderful Chandni. Your spreading goodwill around the world. Great things for the kids. U rock. V