Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 156

I hung out with my two year old buddy at SafeHouse again :)

Before that though, I talked to one of the gentlemen (the one who donated his hair to Locks of Love) about jobs and housing. We hadn't had one of our long conversations in a couple of days, so we had a chance to do that today. He shared that he had a job interview coming up and that he was starting to look at going into a transitional home. He is beginning to take the steps to get off the streets and it's wonderful seeing him go through that process! Keeping my fingers crossed for him!!

Of course once my buddy came outside it was all about him! We ran around again, tried to count to five, he moved around imaginary chairs and had a full conversation going - only half of which I understood :)

There was also an energetic four year old there today - he's a sweet kid but he's exposed to life on the streets and sees/hears a lot of things that aren't always appropriate. This comes out in the way he interacts with others. Kids pick up on what we say/do so easily and it's really evident with this little boy.

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