Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 162

Dreamy Gelato
At some point in our adventures, we met Sukai Crook of Dreamy Gelato. A wonderful woman that has a Gelato store at The Avenue in Cumming, GA.

Chandni and Sukai worked together to donate 150 cups of the creamiest, lightest gelato for our clients at SHO.

It was a long journey to Cumming, but we were able to catch up on our way there, which I was ecstatic about. We picked up the ice cream, packed it in our coolers, but still needed to get ice. Of course we kept missing every gas station and grocery store possible on our way to SHO before we finally got ice.

Chandni saw her little buddy at SHO before we even pulled up to the gate, and couldn't wait to go play with the adorable little 2 year old!

We passed out Caramel pecan and Chocolate cookies and cream out to everyone, and we had enough for seconds and thirds!!!!

Serving gelato

Chandni and her 2year old buddy :)
We hung out for the rest of the night, talked about basketball teams we were rooting for, used as many big words as we possibly could amongst ourselsves (lol) and laughed throughout.

It was a fabulous night, and we're both going to end it with some Netflix (Chandni) and a swim (me).

Everytime I head to SHO, I'm Always reminded of why we're doing everything that we're doing. It's not always convenient, but it's always humbling and rejuvenating.

It's selfish. I know. But I love being at SHO!!

I really, really, really hope you guys can make it out with us one day!

Good night!

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