Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 180

I had a really good time at SafeHouse this evening - it was all about good news and meeting new people, in addition to catching up with some of the regulars.

One of the guys I hadn't seen in a while came by and was showing off some keys, and when he caught me looking he grinned and told me things were working out. I was so excited for him! He is in an apartment now and is working, and has been for a month. he came by to visit today and to share his good news with us. I'm hoping things continue to go well for him!

I met a couple of new people as well - not new to SafeHouse, I'd seen them before but just hadn't had an opportunity to really talk to them. One stood out for me - he's 21years old and has been coming to SafeHouse for about three years. He lived in Texas with his mum, she then got deported and he moved to Atlanta to live with an uncle. His uncle lost his job and moved back home to Jamaica. Now the young gentleman is here by himself. He completed school up to the 9th grade and doesn't have a lot of work experience. But he's very positive and says he's trying to get his "head right". When I asked how he was going to do this he said he needed to first look for a job and eventually get his GED. I told him I was going to keep checking up on him, and I'm hoping to find some way of helping him make a change in his life. Any ideas??

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