Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 177

It started off as a normal, calm evening at SafeHouse. I caught up with the regulars, spent some time with my buddy, and chatted to the gentleman who recycles cans. We talked about reincarnation, karma, and positive energy. He shared stories about good deeds and not worrying about anything negative. He has a really positive attitude that is apparent as soon as you meet him.

As the evening progressed the storm clouds got closer and there was no sign of the church that was serving today. It got to the point where we had to tell people to leave before the rain came down because it didn't look like the church group was coming. We started cleaning up and putting the chairs away. And as the gate started closing the church group pulled up!

They came in and went ahead with the service and meal preparation. It was pouring down at this point and most of the crowd had already left. It was still raining when the food was ready to be served so people were told to go ahead and eat inside before they left for the evening :)

Hopefully everyone that left early found somewhere to eat! And I'm hoping they all find somewhere dry to sleep tonight...

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