Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 164

After a busy day at work, volunteering, and a four hour drive - I'm exhausted!! Here's what I did today:

I was at SafeHouse this evening and arrived to a parking lot FULL of people. One of the groups visiting there this week was singing in the parking lot - it was like a mini concert. The service was also held outside.

I somehow found some familiar faces and spent time talking to a few different people. One of the guys is scheduled to have surgery in July, so we talked about the stress of that, as well as his doctor's appointments before then and what he has to do after surgery. He's starting to get a little stressed out right now but says he is finding healthy ways to manage that. We talked a little about writing down his thoughts and about using some deep breathing to help with the stress.

I then spoke to the gentleman who is very spiritual. He had another message for me, so he gave that to me and than talked to me about communication without cellphones.

I walked around spending a couple of minutes with some of the regulars I know. I won't be back at SafeHouse till Sunday so I tried to talk to as many familiar faces as I could. I'm already looking forward to going back :)

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