Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 182

It was an evening of chaos at SHO tonight!

Chandni and I were both at work, and we were running a little late! Thank goodness for all our friends and family who'd volunteered with us tonight and made it there before hand! Between Kid, Hema, and the rest of Chandni's family, they'd brought sandwiches; Kim Braund from Nationwide brought a cooler full of sodas!
While we'd prepared for Game Night, as we'd been announcing all week, things didn't go quite as planned.

Due to a little miscommunication, there were 2 groups serving clients at SHO tonight. Us and another church group.

I won't lie, the disappointment creeped in because we were excited about getting our group together and getting sooooooo much accomplished in just 10 days amongst our little circle of friends and family; but as the night progressed we slowly got back into the groove of things and began to do what we came out there to do. Have fun and socialize with our SafeHouse friends with no strings attached for them to be served.

The guys had to have moved tables back and forth about 4 times, but we finally got it together and got the spades game going! Chandni and Kid brought checkers, and there were different tables playing checkers too!

Raksha had a blast leading the bingo games inside, and our friends were happy to receive prizes!

Oh and, Chandni's little buddy was there! Flocked by lovely ladies wanting to play with him, and he just loved the attention!

It was a wonderful night, after all.
It was so exciting to see our friends reach out to our friends at SHO and step up to do whatever it took to ensure the night unfolded without a hitch.
I'm always moved when I see my friends support us in making Project 365 happen.
They didn't come out there because they had an incentive, nor did we have to ask them twice for their aid.
Everyone gave and gave freely, and I'm moved beyond words... Almost to tears.

It's always fun watching our friends at SHO unwind, kickback, and relax with us. Talk to us, give us insight into their life experiences, and always make us laugh!

Thank you everyone for everything!!!
Thank you Kid, Guy, Hema, Mickey, Shrayo, Prashant, Raksha, Vishal, Vick, Kurt, Kim, Kenny, AJ, Becca, Tim(enya), LaBlanc and the rest of our fabulous volunteers that made tonight a great night!
Thank you Sapna, Shashin, P-Man, HP, and Kid's friend for donating ALL the food - you guys are awesome and we could not have done this without your help.
Thank you SafeHouse for the opportunity to give back.
Thank you Friends at SHO for having us, and letting us serve you!

Have a good night, and a Happy Fourth of July weekend!

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