Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 190

Dona and I had a fabulous DAY of giving today!

We volunteered with Project Live Love. A non-profit organization designed to influence culture through love in action by engaging, networking and mobilizing people who are motivated by love.

Today they had their quarterly Live Love event. An event designed to provide hands-on opportunities of service for individuals to meet community needs. They organize several different service projects for the day, from helping turn a house into a home for someone, working with at-risk youth, painting facilities, to hanging out with people in the park. Dona and I chose to do the Picnic in the Park.

We went to Woodruff Park with about 25 volunteers. We were handing out bottles of water, chips, and striking up conversations with anyone who wanted to talk. Dona and I saw several familiar faces from SafeHouse so we were ecstatic! We made new friends of course, had several fun conversations, learned to play chess, played spades, and got kicked out of a section by security!! Apparently Woodruff park has tables/sections designated for certain activities...with card playing being across the street! Thankfully, one of the security guards let us set up an extra table across the street, so we were able to play a good round of cards.

Towards the end of the afternoon Dona and I hung out in the park with some of our friends and were soon stranded in the park in the pouring rain! We ran for cover, got covered in sand and other grime that was blowing around, then did some strategic walking back to the car.

Since we were already downtown, we ended our evening at SafeHouse. Our same friends from the park were there, so of course we had to challenge each other to another round of spades (this is becoming our routine). There was some good trash talking - I'm also learning how to stop being nice and engage in trash talk during a card game - and some great laughs!

We both really enjoyed our day of giving, or rather our day of hanging out with friends!

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