Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 204

It was a busy evening at SafeHouse today! I arrived to a parking lot filled with cars and people. There was a group from New York setting up to perform on the lot. They had everything from the speakers to an equalizer, and spent the first part of the evening setting up.

So while they did that I socialized with the regulars and made some new friends. I spoke to one gentleman about addictions and what he thought would be a better way to help people. He said that being more real and upfront about their issues is more appropriate. He then talked about applying that to the people at SafeHouse, turning it into a TV show, and combining it with a talent show. He said there are a lot of talented people at SHO and once they are free of their addictions their talents would really show.

I talked to another guy about hair. He has locks to his shoulders which took three years to grow. He told me about the process of getting his hair like that as well as about the up keep.

The group was done setting up when the inside service ended. So people ate their food to the band playing outside. They were really good! And sounded very professional. Hopefully I'll be able to hear them sing some more next time.

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