Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 202

I spent a little while at SafeHouse this evening. It was almost like my first few weeks there. I hung out in the kitchen with one of the guys who volunteers there. We caught up, like old times, we chatted about life, like the old times, and I hung out with him for almost the entire evening. It was good, it was comfortable, and it was just what I needed today.

Once service started I came back outside, put up all the chairs, picked up some trash, socialized for a little while, then headed out. Today's conversations on the lot had to do with religion and making changes in your life. The gentleman I was talking to was telling me about people who were doing bad things and going to church every Sunday, and that he believed it was a waste of their time because they weren't willing to change their habits. I asked what he thought about people not always being able to take the steps towards change and that the amount of time it takes to change habits varies from person to person - he kinda just looked at me and said that was interesting. I don't think he liked the idea :)

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