Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 212

Back on the road, spent a little while at SafeHouse before I left town this evening. Had a really good conversation with someone I see there all the time but hadn't gotten around to talking to till today. Our conversation started with how we both smile all the time. He then told me a little bit about himself and then we talked about good deeds, challenges, and how each person faces their own set of challenges, has their own way out of those challenges, and that those are the things that make us grateful for each day. He isn't looking for a way off the streets, but he's looking for a way to make each day count!

I also saw one of the guys from my early days at SafeHouse. He had been traveling in California and just got back this week so he shared some of his stories. I think he said he'll be around for a while, so hopefully get to catch up with him a little more next time.

Since I'm on the road, it's another week of virtual volunteering for me and, hopefully, have someone fill in a couple of days if possible.

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