Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 183

After having a really busy evening at SafeHouse yesterday, it was nice to have a quieter evening there today. I hung out with everyone and had lots of good conversations.

The gentleman who volunteers with different organizations has moved into a home!! I am so happy for him!! He was describing his new home to me today and how wonderful it felt to lie in a bed! I'm hoping he continues to do well and that he enjoys his new home.

Talked to someone else about living in different cities/states. He has lived in New York, Chicago, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, and is now in Atlanta. We talked about the pace of life, touristy stuff, and about Atlanta traffic.

Another conversation with one of the guys I talk to regularly. He always shares how horrible his childhood was: he was always picked on in school. So today we talked some more about that and I shared my stories with him. He then said that he noticed how alike we are. And we are. I moved the conversation on to personal growth and what I am doing to make changes in my life. I'm sure we will slowly start to turn that towards him and what he can do to make changes in his life.

Back tomorrow :)

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