Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 187

I was back at SafeHouse this evening. Still not feeling energetic so I left as soon as service ended.

While I was there though I got to have some fun conversations with some of the guys I know. One shared stories of his early days on the streets of Atlanta. He told me about some of the fights/near fights he had been in, told me about the police watching people who are homeless. We also talked some about one of the bigger shelters in the city and the effects of closing it down. He now has a place to live so we talked about that as well.

I had another conversation with one of the guys about the role of women in society from a cultural perspective. It was an interesting conversation because we compared Asian-Indian women and African-American women. As our conversation moved on he also told me about his family and later shared some of his stories from the streets too.

I'm back here tomorrow and hoping to be back to normal too :)

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