Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 213

So one of the ideas with this project was to get people in my life also involved in giving back, and for them to commit to giving for a certain period of time. As most of the readers know, my brother Jiten has really been involved in helping and this week he is committing to several days. He started off by volunteering with me, then started taking a day here or there for me, and now is taking almost the entire week!

Today he was at his usual - Books for Africa, here's his recap:

"It was a busy day at Books for Africa...there were just 3 volunteers today: me and the 2 okes doing community service. I spent the entire time packing books into boxes and getting them ready for shipping. Also today, one of the volunteers had done some extra volunteering and managed to bring in a donation of almost $60 from collections he had done last weekend at six flags. It just goes to show you can volunteer almost anywhere you are, even when you are out having fun."

Thanks for taking on this week kid!!

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