Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 237

Since it was a travel day for me, Jiten covered today's giving by volunteering in a project at school. While I waited for him to send me his write up I went back to to transcribe some more for OutLoud Radio. I did another two minutes of subtitles, this time it was about the Riot Girls - a feminist punk rock group from the early 90s. Definitely learned about their movement through music!

Here's what Jiten did:

"I volunteered at school today. The civil engineering department is doing a test on rubble houses. It's where houses are built from broken pieces of concrete and well rubble. They are all put together in a netted cage for support and then plastered with cement to make a smooth finish. The purpose of this is to test how strong they are because according to the numbers they should be stronger than regular walls for earthquake prone areas and also because this is what is currently being done in Haiti to help rebuild houses.

This is still the beginning of the project, so today we poured the foundation for the walls and next week we will begin building the house and evetually test the strength of the building. It was really hot today but we had a lot of fun! It was also worthwhile knowing that this would help so many people who are in Haiti because they can be assured that the houses they are rebuilding will be strong enough to withstand another earthquake if it occurred."

This sounds like another awesome idea, and I'm hoping he gets to follow this one to see what a difference it can make! Thanks kid!!!!


  1. That does sound like a cool project. Does the engineering group have a website for their work?