Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 230

Today's SafeHouse conversation was about energy and how it can pretty much make you (positive energy) or break you (negative energy). I was talking to a gentleman about his plans for the future - he said he was hoping to stop having to come to SafeHouse by the end of the month and that he has been working on getting his life back together. He said he was trying to focus on being positive and that that would help him in getting things fixed.

We talked about his life experiences and how much he enjoyed each, regardless of it being a good or bad experience, because he always learned from them. In this sense he said he was rich, because when he looks back on his life he only feels happiness. He doesn't measure his wealth by money; he measures his wealth by the relationships he has with people and the experiences he has been through.

Our conversation ended with a compliment he gave me that reminded me of the power of a simple conversation. He is someone I have talked to regularly since I started going to SafeHouse. He reminded me of this and told me that I have always given him lots of positive energy just from talking to him and that it has finally rubbed off on him. He went on to say that he thought my positive energy would eventually "rub off" on most people there. I was pleasantly surprised by the reminder that a conversation goes a long way for all of us :)

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