Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 233

I spent the evening at SafeHouse enjoying the usual conversations with different people. The gentleman who was not doing so well a couple of days ago is in a better, positive mood, so we chatted about work, our like/dislike for weekends - he says there's nothing to do on the weekends because most public places are closed, so he does not like weekends.

As the conversations continued, the evening wore on, and there was no sign of today's church group. A group who had passed food out elsewhere this afternoon drove by SafeHouse, saw the crowd of people, and asked if they could hand out their leftover food to the people here. Of course we said YES! Some food is always better than no food. So the group came in, got the meals together, and did a quick service before handing out the meals. Since it was what was left from their previous service, there weren't enough meals for everyone, so a lot of people had to go elsewhere tonight. But they were all still grateful to the group that just showed up!!

I know this is difficult, but I want to find a way to always have a Plan B - all ideas are welcome!! :)


  1. I'm not terribly familiar with Safehouse, other than what you've posted.

    But my first question is whether a confirmation call is sent out for a scheduled group earlier in the day?

    The second thing I'd wonder is if you could set up an "on-call" type of system to various organizations who can setup a meal in a hurry. It might give you a backup system.


  2. Thanks Eric!

    The confirmation call is a really good idea. Not sure if they already do that but it would buy time to do your second suggestion.

    I'll defs pass this on!