Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 240

Before leaving to go out of town this evening, I stopped by SafeHouse for a few hours.

The weather was perfect to hang out on the lot and there were so many conversations to have! I started with conversations about the weekend and what people did; we chatted about technology and society's "obsession" with it (specifically cellphones). I talked to one gentleman who was reading a book - he said that was his way of pulling away from the chaos that is sometimes on the lot.

I also met some new people - one called me over to talk, he remembered me from a few weeks back when we passed out socks in the park; another said he is at SafeHouse most nights but that he usually sits quietly by himself - I'm really going to try find him in the crowd so I can at least say hello :)

I ended my night there with dropping off some deodorant - hopefully take some to pass out the next time I am there.

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