Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 224

I had another good evening at SafeHouse today. Of course I spent some time on the usual catch up conversations - there was a lot of good news to be shared. I didn't see on of the guys on my last visit there so he and I talked for a bit and he shared that he would be moving back home this week and that he would go back to work and try to get things together again.

I spoke to another gentleman who I also had not seen in a while. He told me that his cousin had sent him a round trip train ticket to go visit them! He is so excited and is really looking forward to the trip. I am really really happy for him and hope he has a good family visit.

Another gentleman (who is a talented singer) told me that he started his job yesterday!! He said he was going to be getting off the streets but that he was going to wait till his first pay period to start looking for a place to stay. He definitely made me proud and he was so happy to share his story with me today. Seeing the guys move forward really makes me proud of them. As I get to know them, their stories, and what brought them to where they are I am amazed at the ways they get themselves off the streets. It takes strength, courage, and persistence in addition to several other things. And they're making it.

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