Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 219

Bottomless Beer with the "Boot Scootin Boo Bees"!

What better way to wrap up the last day of your weekend!

Lubna invited us all out to FROGS Cantina to support a group of ladies walking for the Susan G. Komen 2-Day walk.

And I was the first one there. What does that say about me? THAT I TAKE THESE COCKTAIL FOR A CAUSE EVENTS SERIOUSLY!

I spent about an hour introducing myself to the ladies that planned the event, and sipped on the best bloody mary ever!

I headed out as soon as our friends Lubna and Vishant came in. I had to pass the mantle of drinking for the day off to someone... And it looked like the four of them were ready to take on the burden.

It was fun! And the ladies were lovely.
I'm rooting for the "boot Scootin Boo Bees" to have a fabulous time at the walk (hope you can walk straight towards the end of the day, ladies) and meet their target!

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  1. Thank you SO much for coming to see us on Sunday! We had such a blast, as always, raising money for The Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer.
    This is my fourth year participating and I'm getting excited for the big weekend! The 2-Day is September 24-25.
    For more info about The Boot Scootin' B**bies and The Atlanta 2-Day, please visit the link below!