Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 218

I made it through this evenings downpour and made it to SafeHouse. The few people who were there were already inside. I walked in the front door to a leaking/falling roof, so we cleaned up as much as we could and mopped the floor to keep from slipping.

As the rain let up more people came through. I had as many conversations as I could: one gentleman told me about his visit with his mum, another told me about meeting his cousin after 10years, another group of us talked about accents and vocabulary used by different people. Another group of us talked about addictions and scenes from the streets.

The night was full of laughs and light conversation. Once service was over I passed out socks. There wasn't much to clean up and the drizzle was starting, so a lot of people left as soon as they got their dinner. Hopefully they all find somewhere dry to sleep tonight!

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