Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 34

We'd been so engaged with Safehouse Outreach for the past month, we had to PRY ourselves away from there and try something new.

Thanks to Hands on Atlanta, I bumped into this project: English for Successful Living English Teachers and i signed up to be a volunteer teacher! Volunteers a 90 minute class each week for a twelve-week session.

For all the teachers out there, this is something that you may want to check!

Unfortunately, I'd missed the dates for orientation and was unable to teach a class, but they did need help up at the front desk for registration!

A large majority of the students were Hispanic, but there also a few Ukranian (or Croatian) students that came in.

So the organization basically serves as an ESL class for adults. We have textbooks, workbooks, and guides that make the teaching process simple. And the students are absolutely amazing! They're so receptive to criticism and you see that they give you their 100%!

The next training for volunteer teachers is in April for classes that start in May!
I can't wait!

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