Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49

Another evening at SafeHouse. Today the group serving brought a bunch of clothes with them for anyone who needed some. So I helped with setting up the area to put the clothes, sorting them by sizes, then helping people find clothes/shoes they liked. One lady walked over and said it was time to go shopping - they were pretty excited about all the clothes/shoes/purses.

I also spent time talking to a couple of different people - one conversation was about stocks - how to invest, when to invest, when to sell, and how to learn about the stock market. I talked to another person who I'd met some weeks ago. I saw him in between but he'd say hi and keep walking. Today he asked if we could talk; I told him he should feel free to talk to me anytime and that I came out to talk to people. He was surprised to hear that that was okay but said he would come and have more conversations with me.

Looking forward to going back on Sunday :)

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