Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 59

Jiten filled in for me today since I am out of town. He went to Books for Africa where they were sorting and packing books to be sent to Botswana (home for us)!! The last time I went I told him I wish I could go when they are sending books there, and the first time he goes that's where they sent books to! Since it was his first time I asked him to send me his thoughts:

"It was fun. I helped sort some books out and also packed a few boxes for Botswana . There were about 20 people helping out today. Some of the volunteers were students on spring break from Michigan State. It was good to see people helping out during their holidays. I met a lady, Pam, who used to be a librarian and then moved to Maun (we lived here for a while!) and decided to start the botswana book project ( to help set up libraries in the public schools in Botswana. To date she has helped create over 300 libraries from this project. Overall it was an awesome experience, really enjoyed it and definitely looking forward to going back on Wednesday."

Check out the website for other ways to help the Botswana Book project. Its neat being able to make a difference at home even when we're not there :)

Thanks for filling in for me kid!

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