Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47

Since I'm on the road again, today's giving was virtual...I started with the click to donate section on
  • helped sponsor 1 child in need today
  • saved 7.4 sq ft of rainforest
  • protected 11,000 sq ft of big cat habitat
  • supported life saving research
  • helped a shelter pet
  • helped protect baby seals
  • protected 100 sq ft of ocean
  • fed a rescued primate
  • offset my computer's energy use
  • helped provided justice for women worldwide
  • helped adopt and protect threatened wolves
Check out Project 365 on the TrailBlazers for Good blog on care2:

I also went on to to check out their click to donate section:
  • donated 1.1cups of food to the hungry
  • helped a woman in need get a free mammogram
  • helped provide a child with lifesaving healthcare
  • helped give books to a child in need
  • helped protect 11.4 sq ft of rainforest
  • gave .6bowls of food to a rescued animal
Lastly, donated 3000grains of rice through

Hope you guys are able to check these sites out!!

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