Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 36

Fun times at SafeHouse tonight! I walked in to a choir practicing - they sounded amazing!! I spent most of the evening helping out in the kitchen, it's been a while since I've done that so it was fun. The group there tonight gave everyone chocolates and cookies for Valentine's day, which they all appreciated. By the time I got outside most of the crowd had left but I got to talk to one person who I had briefly met last week - he was impressed that I remembered his name. He was talking to me about going back to school and how it has taken him a while to make that decision. He also told me that he sings and raps - I told him that he'll have to rap/sing for us next time!

I also spent some time talking to one of the guys who is a little more shy. He says hello everytime but we haven't had a long conversation before. So today when I saw him I made it a point to talk to him for a little while longer, he talked to me when I asked him questions, and he slowly started opening up a little. I'm going to try to keep having these short conversations with him and maybe he will be comfortable talking to me.

Now it's time for a girls night out!

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