Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 54

I am traveling for work so had to change my project for this evening, instead of going to MedShare I stopped by SafeHouse (of course I didn't mind!). I helped out in the kitchen for a good bit of the evening, wrapping spoons, setting up bagels and donuts, making meal boxes, and serving. It wasn't chaotic in there today, there were a lot of volunteers and everything was rather organized.

I also got to spend time on the lot talking to different people. One of the guys I've talked with before, I mentioned him a while back, he was surprised I remembered his name the last time and surprised I remembered it this time. Last time he told me he was looking at going back to school, today we talked a little but more about that, he said those plans were on hold because he needed to look for a job first. So we spoke about job hunting and different types of work.

I met someone new today as well. He introduced himself then asked if he could sing for me. His song/rap was different, but good. He then told me I could find him on youtube (which I did, and he is on there) and where I could find his CD. Like I've said before...lots of talent out here!

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