Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 45

Another amazing night at SafeHouse! Again there were a lot of new faces on the lot, but also many familiar. When I first got there this evening I spent some time talking to someone new, he told me about himself and his current goal to start up a business. We then discussed the perks of living in a bigger, fast-paced city like New York or LA.

A couple posts back I mentioned someone I see regularly but who is a little shy. Today he spent a lot of time hanging out and talking with me. I saw him across the lot, waved, and he came over and didn't leave till he was the last one on the lot. Normally he'll leave once someone else joins our conversation. This time he stuck around, he didn't join all the conversations, but this was definitely the most he'd hung out.

My highlight from tonight - of course hanging out with the other awesome volunteers/regulars who are always looking out for you on the lot - but tonight someone who used to always be there stopped by. I mentioned him a while back, he used to work there then left. Well he came by tonight, it was such a good surprise! So I spent some time catching up with him which was awesome.

So another fun night, much thanks to the guys who are always there!

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