Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 43

I had the opportunity to do something fun today! I went to Scottish Rite Children's Hospital and spent some time working on arts and crafts with the kids. The hospital has an area called The Zone - a place where the kids can come to play video games or watch movies, and when a volunteer group is there, do some arts and crafts.

The kids were working on projects with their parents so I just walked around for a bit and looked at what each was doing. I came across a little girl just sitting with a blank piece of paper in front of her. So I asked her what she was working on, she said "I dunno". I then asked her what she would like to make, she said "I dunno". I asked if she wanted to make a Valentines Day card, her response "I dunno". So I sat down next to her and suggested the first thing I could think of - a day at the beach. She shrugged but started looking for things we could stick to our beach picture. Since the theme for today's arts and crafts was Valentine's day, this was a little more difficult than I thought, but she was starting to get enthusiastic about it, especially after we found the sun and a pool float. As she was doing this we kept talking and she kept laughing and smiling.

She didn't want to leave when her IV pump started beeping, and only got up because her mum promised they would come right back and I promised I would save her picture. While she was gone I cut up several pieces we could add to her picture, and when she came back she was so excited! She eagerly stuck all the pieces down and each time others walked by, she'd pick up the picture to show it off. She was such a sweetheart!

This was a really cool project and I look forward to going back soon! I volunteered through Kashi Atlanta but you can volunteer through as well.

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