Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 276

I'm back from retreat, feeling completely relaxed, and hoping to be more mindful :)

Started off the week with a visit to SafeHouse. I started the evening in a long conversation with a gentleman who told me about his relationship with his fiance and with his son. We talked about friendship and love, and he talked about how difficult it is to define love. He also shared that he is getting closer to being able to go home, hopefully that works out for him!

I also saw a gentleman from my early days at SafeHouse - hadn't seen him since about April/May, so that was a pleasant surprise. He filled me in on how he has been doing and shared that he joined a three month program and that he has been focusing on school. We talked about burn out and keeping boundaries when working in a social science type field.

I also spent some time asking some of the guys to write letters to troops for the Bert Show's Big Thank You. Hoping to get a few more over the next two weeks.

A big thank you to everyone for covering while I was away!!

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