Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 302

It was a really really really cold night at SafeHouse! I don't know how people living on the streets make it through nights like this one. Many of them had big coats and jackets on, a lot of them were looking at staying at the shelter tonight, but there were still some people who would be sleeping outside - thinking of them tonight and hoping they stay warm through the night.

I hung out with two gentleman who hadn't been at SafeHouse in a long time. The first has found an abandoned home to stay in - he is looking for a job and slowly piecing his life back together. I asked what he's been doing with his time and he said he had been doing a lot of reading. We shared what books we were each reading, made recommendations on what the other should try out, and swapped favorite genres. He is one of those guys who faces the facts, he's realistic, and makes no excuses for himself. I hope he finds his way back to the life he wants, and that his small steps at change make an impact on his life.

The other gentleman shared that he is now off the streets, has a place to stay, a job, food, and clothes. He looked well, and better than the last few times I had seen him. He has always wanted to go back to work, and it seems that life may be coming back together for him. He told me that he did not want to be homeless again, and I'm hoping that is enough motivation to keep him going forward.

I spent some time talking to a lot of the regulars, most conversations were just "check-ins" since I'd been there twice this week already. I helped some people get different items that they needed, talked to one younger gentleman about controlling anger, joked around with the other volunteers, handed out tickets at the end of the evening, and had too much fun!

I'll definitely miss going there every few days, but I'll be back and will have lots of catch up conversations next time!

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