Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 294

Each night I go to SafeHouse I feel like I don't have enough time there! There were so many discussions to have, it was amazing, as always!

My evening started with catching up with the gentleman who talks to me about cars. Then I had some basketball lessons - I'm surprising myself with the coordination! The gentleman teaching me also gave me some basic rules on playing basketball and showed me some different techniques. As the lot got a little more crowded I left to let the guys play some real ball.

I spoke with a gentleman I had not talked to before. He is such a sweet person! He is from Macon and used to work for the post office. He has been in the city for a while, is currently trying to figure out his SSI (with the help of an awesome volunteer) and is looking to get back to work very soon.

I had some wonderful, quick catch up conversations - one gentleman told me he just got offered a job! I am soooo excited for him; he'd been looking for a while and he seems really focused on getting back on his feet. I hope this works out for him!

After a wonderful evening of giving, I'm looking forward to a night in the city at my favorite spot :)

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