Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 303

Between myself having the flu, Chandni leaving for South Africa, and it being Halloween weekend... We allowed ourselves a break and attended a fabulous charity event this afternoon.

My friend, David, had invited me to a charity flag football tournament last year, and I was simply ecstatic to hear that the event was annual.

The Iron Bred MC hosted its 4th annual charity football game to launch this year’s Juvenile Kidney drive. They collected donations for the "family of our adopted Princess, Little Ms. Serena Ramingum, along with “wearable” clothing to distribute to the Atlanta homeless population as admittance to the game."

David had spoken to us about Serena earlier, as he spoke to us about the event. But to attend the event, and to see a clan of men move mountains and accomplish so much for a little girl moved me.

I'd strolled in just in time to watch Iron Bred play their game (ahem... and lose )=

There were marching bands from local high schools, local radio stations and hosts, a ton of food, and GOOD GOD WERE THERE MOTORCYCLES everywhere!!!!!!

I'd donated a few clothes I'd collected around the house and donated what I could to a very beautiful cause!

Surprisingly, I'd run into a familiar face as well. I'm glad I was joined by Nidhi, who worked with another member of Iron Bred.

We had a phenomenal day, and cannot WAIT till Next October to support them again!

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