Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 285

This year has been all about giving. It's up there on my list of priorities. But my first priority is, and always will be, my family because that's where I think giving truly starts. And so today, as on many occasions, my family made it to this evening's event, and it was a wonderful feeling to have them give with me!

We attended the monthly 11 for 11 SafeHouse fundraiser at Tin Lizzy's in midtown. We had the usual great conversations, lots of laughter, and a fun, relaxed evening. I got to meet an awesome SafeHouse staff member who told me about the Teen Mentor program they offer. It is a year long mentoring program for teen mothers where they learn valuable life skills. She shared some stories about some of the teens and it sounds like an amazing program. I shared some thoughts on maybe providing work/internship experiences to help them choose careers/educational goals. We talked about different ways to bridge the gap between SafeHouse and the larger community.

I am so used to just seeing the nightly impact service (which will probably always be my favorite), but its refreshing to sit down and hear about some of their other programs. All donations go towards keeping these many programs running. Visit if you would like to make a donation. If you'd like to donate items, there's always a need for: socks, water bottles, hygiene kits, disposable razors, deodorant, hand sanitizer, gloves, blankets, coats, umbrellas, and ponchos. So many ways to make a difference :)

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