Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 287

Another SafeHouse evening...I started off talking to the gentleman who I always clean the lot with. He spends a lot of time looking stuff up at the library so we had a lot to talk about: the weather, Africa, global warming, growing up in New York, growing up in Botswana. He talked some about the holidays and how people sometimes get depressed around the holidays. We talked about our shared fear of heights and swapped our horror stories.

While service went on I talked to a gentleman who is indecisive about moving to another city to start over. We talked about where he would go, the pros and cons of each location and of moving in general. I asked about what he would do there and the barriers that kept him from doing the same here. He explained that being in a new place might make him more open about trying opportunities that he would normally pass up here. By the end of the conversation he sounded more sure about moving and so we went on to discuss how he needed to prepare to move.

The rest of the night was made up of quick catch up conversations while handing out shelter tickets. A good end to the week :)

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