Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 281

The weather was just perfect for about 200 or more ATLiens to "Influence Culture through LOVE in action"!

Chandni and I had the opportunity to join Drew Benton and an amazing group of people at yet another Project Live Love Event.

This time around, however, we had the opportunity to lead a project at SafeHouse Outreach. Our group of 20 people from Echo ministries were absolutely fantastic.

We rallied at The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta, and then headed over to Safehouse with soup and socks. While some of the group stayed behind to cook and setup, most of the group went out to gather people from local parks around SafeHouse.

We did things a little differently at SHO today - instead of serving the meals out on the parking lot, we set up tables inside! Our group had set the tables and even brought these beautiful orange roses! We served soup, chips, and water. We talked to everyone, and had great conversations from video games to favorite football teams!

We did good. We had fun. And everyone walked away with just a little more understanding of how a simple conversation and just a little kindness can elevate someone's entire day!

We look forward to seeing you guys at the next Project Live Love Event on January 7th!

Happy Giving Everyone!

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