Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 296

It has been a wonderful and exhausting weekend and I loved every minute of it! I ended the weekend with an evening at SafeHouse. It's amazing how much energy I get from going there, no matter how tired I am, being there is re-energizing, tonight was definitely one of those nights.

I had a conversation with two gentlemen who really showed me the power of giving. It's starting to get colder and each of them, this weekend, gave away a coat to people who had no warm clothes. They both told me that they just needed one, happened to have an extra, and so gave it to someone else who was really in need. It continues to amaze me - they give when they barely have yet we sometimes find it so hard to give when we have so much.

Once service started most people went in to escape the cold. I put away chairs, cleaned up the lot and then got back to my basketball lessons. The gentleman teaching me is so encouraging! I am actually getting the ball in more times than not - today's lesson was all about technique.

After service I handed out tickets, had a few quick conversations: caught up with the gentleman who used to talk to me about the stock exchange, he is now considering starting a business; spoke to the gentleman who talks to me about his relationships and he gave me the latest on his situation. I ended the night with my cleaning buddy - we cleaned the lot and the street and enjoyed a catch up conversation.

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