Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 292

It was a cold day in the city! And the room was packed for service at SafeHouse with people trying to get a break from it. I started off my evening there with a conversation with the gentleman who loves cars. We talked a little about car colours and keeping your car clean. He then told me his dream car was an Aston Martin, which he described in detail :)

I had another conversation about the impact of technology on our social skills. This gentleman shared his views that people are becoming less interested in meeting other people face to face and that the norm now is to text,email, or facebook our friends and family members. He also shared a story about his ten year old son texting him instead of talking to him on the phone.

While service was on I hung out on the lot with people who couldn't make it inside because it was so full. There were a lot of catch up conversations; one of the guys just got back from visiting his family so we talked about his time with them. Its amazing how spending time with people you love relaxes you; he looked relaxed, refreshed, and had tons of positive energy!

After service we handed out tickets to the shelter, chatted to people as they got ready to leave, cleaned up the lot and called it a night!

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