Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 274

A local radio station in Atlanta is doing a project called Bert Show's Big Thank You and we decided to participate. The radio station is trying to collect 400,000+ hand written letters of thanks so that every 
single soldier stationed or deployed outside the United States can receive a letter of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. Since the soldiers are away from family and friends during the holiday season, we hope that the letters we wrote will bring some holiday cheer to their faces. They are risking their lives everyday so that we can have an easier life back here in the US.  If you would like to help and please visit for details. Lets help them reach their goal of 400,000 letters. :)

So today we planned on having all the kids over but due to having back to back soccer games. So we had to change up the plans.

It was just Shini and I who colored. We made a couple cards for the troops. It is an easy way to give back and to teach kids to give back. Although her friends couldn't make it they were looking forward to it. I told some of the parents to do it with their kids.

Hopefully next week we can get all the kids together to do the cards!

~ Giselle

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