Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 288

What an adventure this morning has been!?! My directionally dysfunctional self took to the streets of Atlanta ALONE to deliver meals for Open Hand. So of course there was a lot of getting lost, going around the same building a couple of times, looking at directions and still being in the wrong place, calling gate codes at the wrong apartment complex, but it was so worth it because my route had some fun stops.

My stops were downtown, around Auburn Ave and Decatur Street. I got to chat with most people about the weather and their plans for the day (one lady was headed out to rehearse with her choir). I made friends with people who lived in the same building and were sitting outside soaking up some sun. There was one gentleman who I almost missed delivering a meal to because he was hanging out with his buddy in another apartment, but his neighbors told me where I would find him and I was able to deliver his meal.

I eventually made it back, on time surprisingly! A big feat for someone who can't even tell left from right without looking at my hands :)

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