Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 273

Chandni is still out of town so this evening so Jiten, Kalpesh, and I went to SafeHouse. Jiten and Kalpesh got there a little earlier than me as I was stuck in traffic.

As I arrived to SafeHouse, most of the crowd was making their way inside. We stayed behind and started by helping putting away the chairs. Then we started chatting away one of the regulars. Our conversation started out by us talking to him about his current job. Then we talked about flying kites, and most importantly, Football. We discussed our favorite teams and the teams that we love to hate.

We ended the evening by watching a group of guys play a friendly game of basketball. They guys were really enjoying themselves and we were having a great time watching them and cheering them on. I have to say, some of those guys really have some skills on the court. :)

Tonight is going to be a very chilly night in Atlanta. So before we left, we handed out a few sweaters that we had brought along. They are really going to go a long way this weekend, since we are expecting a cold weekend. Hopefully everyone will be able to find a way to stay warm.

I am so glad that we could fill in for Chandni tonight at SafeHouse. We had a great time and look forward to going back soon.

~ Hema

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