Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 255

Unfortunately there was no service at SafeHouse this evening so I volunteered online at

The first challenge I came across was an easy one. Unscrew America, an organization dedicated to helping to get the word out about energy efficient lighting, asked volunteers to spread the word about their latest review of 19 earth-friendly lights. So check out their fun website: Unscrew America

Next I did a challenge for GreenTreks Network, a non-profit with a mission to inspire people to take action towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Their challenge...writing about what inspires you to help the environment. I shared my experience at Global Soap - not only are they trying to improve global health but also reduce systemic waste in the hospitality industry.

The last challenge I did was for CONCERN, a nonprofit child welfare agency, that provides foster care, life skills training and delinquency services to over 14,000 children and teens. They wanted help identifying ways to show gratitude to their supporters.

If you have an expertise area and want to use it to make a difference check out
Happy giving!