Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 252

It was a busy evening at SafeHouse today. It started with my buddy's birthday and getting things in without him seeing them. I then walked around and had several conversations. I started by talking to one of the guys who just came back to SafeHouse. We talked about the differences in community resources between different states and the differences in metropolitan areas.

I then talked to one of the guys about his plans for the future, which also involve him moving out of state in the next couple of months. There have been a lot of these conversations lately. I then got into another conversation about the difficulties with getting your ID, and then this one moved on to a conversation about tattoos, graphics, cars, and custom cars.

Once service started we had a small party outside for my buddy with his family. He looked adorable! He loved his presents and was soon running around with a balloon tied to his arm, spraying people with his water gun.

I ended the night having a conversation with a gentleman about religion, spirituality and philosophy. This was the first time we met and I am really looking forward to more conversations with him.

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