Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 253

After a late night out in the city I went out to volunteer at Devereux this morning. Devereux is a leading nonprofit behavioral health organization that supports many of the most underserved and vulnerable members of our communities. They focus on research-based prevention initiatives that help children and adolescents develop resilience and strong emotional and social health. They help empower children and adults with intellectual, emotional, developmental, and behavioral challenges to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.

As one of the staff members there said, in order to help the children focus on their treatment we need to give them a safe and supportive environment. So today's projects involved some landscaping and cleaning out a huge storage building.

I helped clean the storage building. It had not been sorted through in years so when we got there it was a mess! We spent most of the morning emptying it and figuring out what could be saved, recycled, or thrown out. Once that was done we cleaned it. Then we sorted through the things that were saved and put them back in an organized manner.

It was hard work, a good work out, and for a good cause! Thank you Devereux for letting us volunteer with you this morning!

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