Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 249

I made it to SafeHouse this evening. Handed out socks till I ran out, and stocked up the deodorant. Had a long conversation with one gentleman, he said I had to make up for the times when I am traveling and socializing with other people...we talked about life, what we've each been up to, Indian weddings, business, and what it takes to be a leader. We always have fascinating conversations!

The rain and cold definitely thinned out today's crowd, so once the meal was served, we put up chairs and cleaned the lot.

Today was a big reminder of winter coming up and there were several people who didn't have something warm to wear. So if anyone has blankets or winter clothes that they would like to donate, consider taking it down to SafeHouse, or pass them on to Dona or I and we would be glad to turn them in for you!

On another note, Dona's good deed for the day - giving her lunch to someone who is homeless and hadn't had a meal in days.

It's easy to give back, just find an opportunity!

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