Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 244

Whatever the word is for beyond exhaustion - that's where I am today!

On my way home I stopped at SafeHouse and spent the evening having conversations. There was a regular church group there today and they were super organized so I stayed outside on the lot and had many conversations. It started with a lady who was just really angry, a couple of us were talking and she joined our conversation but left soon after because everyone kept trying to turn her statements into positive things.

I caught up with some of the regulars and conversations went from cars, to fishing, to property in Athens. As the evening came to an end, I met a lady with three little kids - a 3year old boy, 2 year old girl (her birthday was today), and a 9month baby girl. She has been on the streets and came to SafeHouse a couple of weeks ago to ask for help. She has been staying at a nearby hotel while they arrange for some permanent housing/programs for her to move to.

She arrived at SafeHouse at the end of service and needed to get back to the hotel with her kids. After some planning by one of the most wonderful guys there, he asked if I would be able to give the lady a ride to the hotel. I was more than happy to help out. As I drove, we talked...she seems like someone who is ready to get herself and her kids back on track. Once we got to the hotel, and they were in the process of checking in, I played with the kids. They have so much energy, laugh a lot, and loved the extra attention. They are beautiful, innocent children and I hope they get off the streets and that their mum is able to put her life back together.

Thank you SafeHouse for helping her start to find her way...

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